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Jun 17, 2021

In this episode, Glenn Pasch and Mark Beal, Professor at Rutgers School of Communication, discuss this influential group. As Mark states, “This generation will truly transform the world.”


They discuss how businesses need to attract and retain this talent; what they are looking for in companies and careers. Also they discuss how companies need to market to them; what they look for and where they consume content.


A fascinating discussion based on Mark’s years of study on this issue and working with this generation every day in his classroom.


Not an episode you want to miss if you are expecting to remain in business in the next decade.


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About Mark Beal


Before authoring his most recent book, Engaging Gen Z, Mark Beal served as a public relations practitioner and marketer for more than 25 years, developing and executing public relations campaigns for category leading companies and brands around such major sports and entertainment platforms as the Olympic Games, Super Bowl, World Series, NCAA March Madness, US Open Tennis and The Rolling Stones.


He collaborates daily with Gen Z as a full-time professor of practice in public relations in the Rutgers University School of Communication & Information. Mark’s ongoing primary research of Gen Z has led to keynote speeches with the American Marketing Association, Association of National Advertisers as well as corporations, brands, sports leagues conferences and agencies.


Mark’s previous book, Decoding Gen Z: 101 Lessons Generation Z Will Teach Corporate America, Marketers & Media, captured the attention of media, marketers and employers nationwide as the oldest Gen Zers join the workforce and the entire Gen Z cohort becomes the primary focus of corporations and brands.


Mark features his interviews with Gen Z on his YouTube series, Mark Beal: Gen Z From A To Z. To learn more, visit,


About Glenn Pasch: 


"Everyone finds themselves in charge at some point in their lives. Yet many of us lack the skills to generate consistent results. My goal is to help you learn the skills to adapt and grow in your personal and business life. I want to help you generate success.”


Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital, an Inc 5000 agency that specializes in helping businesses create and deliver a modern retail experience to get customers raving, recommending & returning for more, then leverage it with digital marketing to connect with consumers of all ages and increase sales opportunities. He is author of 2 books including "The Power of Connected Marketing" and has spoken and educated audiences throughout the US and internationally.  





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